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Paid Advertising

How to Setup Your Facebook Business Manager

Facebook is one of the most popular and effective platforms for gyms and fitness coaches to advertise on.

You're able to fine tune your targeting, test different ads alongside each other, track performance and manage your budget across the entire Facebook ecosystem.

But before you can do any of that, you need to setup your Facebook Business Manager account. In this video, you'll learn how to do that.

The hierarchy of a Business Manager Account

As mentioned in the video, you'll have the Business Manager Account at the very top of the pile. Your Business Manage Account will own and control everything with in it.

Within your Business Manager you'll then be able to create one or more Ad Accounts.

Within your Ad Account(s) you'll be able to create one or more campaigns, and within those campaigns you'll be able to create Ad Sets (a set of ads).

Finally, within those Ad Sets, you'll be able to setup the Ads themselves. These are the 'sponsored posts' that people will actually see in their newsfeed.

The difference between Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads

When you create a new campaign you'll be able to choose the 'Objective', which could be Lead Generation, Traffic, Purchases and so on. The option you select here will tell Facebook exactly what you want to achieve, and the Facebook platform will attempt to target people who are most likely to do the desired 'thing'. You'll also find that you have different settings and options available to you based on the campaign objective, too.

For example, if you choose Lead Generation as your objective, you will be able to create Lead Forms. If you choose Traffic, you cannot setup Lead Forms. It's worth clicking through each of these options so that you become familiar with what's possible.

At an Ad Set level you will be able to configure both your targeting preferences and where you'd like your Ads to appear.

For example, you can decide that you want to target women who live within a 10km radius of your physical location (this would be your targeting), and then choose to only show your ads on Instagram Stories (this would be your ad placement)

Finally, when setting up your Ads, you'll be able to decide which image or video you'd like to use, what you want your ad to say, what happens when people click on it and so on.

Final notes

If you're having any trouble with setting up your Business Manager, Ad Account or Campaigns, feel free to reach out to us via our free Facebook Group or the contact form on our site. If we can help, we will.

Also, if you're an established fitness business owner and would love to offload your lead generation to a dedicated team, you can reach out to us via fitmedia.net/apply